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Chester tree surgeon

Tree Removal

Whether it is one tree or many we are able to remove all types of trees with the minimum disruption. Usually trees in urban areas have to be dismantled section by section by a trained tree surgeon in order to avoid damaging nearby buildings, the neighbours property or causing unnecessary danger to the public.

The tree surgeon will climb the tree using rope and harness techniques and remove the tree branches in methodical order directing their fall to the ground, the central stem is then removed in sections from the top down until only the stump remains.

In some circumstances in particularly large gardens or in rural areas trees can be felled in one go from the base.

Once the tree is down we can process the waste into chippings and log sections, some customers wish to keep the chippings for a garden mulch and the logs for their wood stove otherwise we remove all waste from site.  We can when requested process the logs to firewood and stack for seasoning.

We always give a written quote for work, work to the latest British standard (BS3998) and leave the site as tidy as possible.  Our aim is to leave our customers feeling happy to recommend us.

Our tree felling and tree removal services operate throughout Deeside, Chester Ellesmere Port, Wirral, and all surrounding areas.

Please note, TPO’s and Conservation Areas: A large number of trees are protected in the UK and therefore all trees will need to be checked prior to undertaking any tree removal or tree felling works to ensure they are not covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or if the tree(s) is situated within a Conservation Area. Checks can be made by contacting your local authority. Please do not ask us to remove protected trees.

Stump Grinding / Stump Removal

We can efficiently remove any size of tree stump using our powerful modern stump grinder which can fit through most normal garden gates and entrances.

Tree stumps may be removed for a number of reasons, including;

  • Allowing areas of grass or flowerbeds to be turfed, seeded or replanted
  • To prevent re-growth of the tree (suckering)
  • For construction of a pathway, patio or a shed area
  • To remove an unsightly decaying stump. Dead stumps can promote the growth of unwanted fungi such as honey fungus.
  • As part of a full hedge removal service, often to allow installation of a fence

Stump grinding will mechanically grind out the stump and leave a fine sawdust, some roots will inevitably be left in the ground but the majority should eventually rot down. We can grind the stump to a depth you require. Stump grinding is generally significantly faster than full removal of the root plate and leaves a much smaller hole in the ground.

Our stump grinding service operates throughout Deeside, Chester Ellesmere Port, Wirral, and all surrounding areas.

Stump Grinding

Professional and affordable tree surgeons operating in Chester, Deeside & The Wirral.


Halfacre Tree Services aim to provide high quality, great value arboriculture to both domestic and commercial clients.

Fully Qualified

All our workers are fully qualified, holding LANTRA or City & Guild NPTC qualifications suitable to their role.

Fully Insured

We hold public liability policies to £5 million, for your peace of mind.

Clean & Tidy

We always aim to offer a professional service, carrying out work to high standards whilst leaving a clean and tidy site.

Small jobs

As well as the big jobs we are happy to take on small jobs. No job is beneath our dignity.


We recycle all our tree waste and are investing in upgrading our machinery to battery/electric power when possible.

Free estimates

Free estimates and no-obligation quotations.

Registered waste carrier

We are registered waste carriers and always dispose of any waste in a responsible manner.


Domestic customers save 20%. No VAT to pay on our work.