Leylandii, love them or hate them we certainly take a lot of them out! Taking out a row of mixed conifer hedging today in Littleton, Chester whilst avoiding the many garden ornaments, bird tables, borders and of course… the ornamental pond.

For many of us our gardens our our pride and joy, somewhere we’ve invested a lot of time, effort and expense so when I’m asked to do tree work and ‘be as careful as possible’ I don’t mind a bit. Tree work is a rough art and clients are always amazed at how much bigger (and heavier) the trees seem when they’re on the ground. James and I always try to be as careful and neat as possible, we don’t take shortcuts, if a tree needs careful rigging or dismantling in small pieces we’re happy to do that. Our goal is to leave customers happy to recommend us.

So if you need conifer removal in Chester or are looking for a careful tree surgeon in Chester then give us a call on 07874825599 or email us at tim@halfacretrees.co.uk

Another happy customer who will be getting a lot more light in their garden 🙂