Removal of a beech tree today in Upton, Chester.  Customers sometimes have to make a difficult choice between keeping a tree which, although beautiful, is too big for their garden or having the light and space in their garden which they desire.  In this case we did a complete removal including stump removal ready for James and the customer to start on a garden remodel.

It’s a situation we see a lot of, native self seeding trees which are perfect when smaller just grow too big and dominate smaller gardens, the choice is then to regularly reduce the crown of the tree to suit the garden or remove the trees and plant more suitable ones. At Halfacre trees we can recommend and plant replacement trees which wont grow to dominate, need minimal maintenance and are still just as beautiful to look at.

So if you need tree removal or stump grinding in Upton, Chester then give us a call on 07874825599 or email us at

Another happy customer who is excited to pick new plants for their garden 🙂